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By karen j.
Kankakee County, IL
well made
July 26, 2020
The first thing I noticed was how sturdy this is. It's strong. Sturdy. Seems to be well made. I purchased my unfilled. Prior to purchasing it, I had a bag of sand laying across the legs of my umbrella. I was surprised by how much of that bag was able to fit in the new sandbag. It holds a lot ! Having said that, I believe this is worth mentioning, as well. I've been thinking I might like to purchase a 2nd bag. I close the umbrella at night. But, last week a storm came up, while I was away. There was a sizable wind that came with it. My neighbors noticed the umbrella seemed to be swaying. So, they came to close it for me. Great neighbors, huh ? I think a 2nd bag would make the base more stable & be heavy enough to withstand that kind of wind. We get some serious wind around here.
ProsAgain, it's well made. Even with sand, from filling, the zipper went right up. The clasp is sturdy,and well secured to the bag, as well. Putting it around the pole, at the base, was no problem either. It's compact and easy to move. No messes either !
ConsThis is not, so much, a 'con'. But, it does require 2 people to fill this. One to hold it open, shake it down, & one to pour. If that's how you're doing it. I suppose 1 person could scoop smaller amounts and do it. I was trying to do it alone. I actually stopped a young man walking past my house and asked for his help. Most people are willing to help, if it doesn't take much of their time, or cost them anything. : ]
By Kathryn D.
Tigard, Oregon
Circular Sandbags for Outdoor Patio Umbrella
July 22, 2020
I bought 2 empty circular sandbags, filled each of them up with sand then placed both of them on top of my outdoor patio umbrella base to prevent the umbrella from falling over from the wind. This product is doing exactly what I needed it to do which is a great buy in my book! Thank you The Sandbag Store! :D
Pros2 sandbags prevent one large patio umbrella from tipping over from wind
ConsNone that I can tell!
By Jane
Perfect for the job
July 22, 2020
I live in a very windy area and these sandbags work well to secure my patio umbrella.
Prosfill them with sand in the Spring (nice wide opening make this easier); empty the sand into the garden in the Fall.
ConsHave not discovered any "cons" yet
By Steve
Newton, MA
Just what I needed!
July 22, 2020
Well made. Good price. Holds a lot of sand. Get yourself some!
ProsMetal clasp. Large capacity. Heavy duty materials.
ConsIf you use plastic bags for the sand it?s a bit of a challenge to shape the bags into a semi-circle to fit into the sandbag. Once you get the gist of it it?s easy.
By Jane
Circular Sandbag
July 22, 2020
So far (a week), this sandbag has done the trick, stabilizing the base of my cantilever umbrella. It is manageable to handle and attractive to look at.
By Bob
Just what was needed.
July 22, 2020
The vagus durable , easy to fill and fits snuggly around The umbrella base. We put two. Now we are not concerned about the umbrella falling on guests.
By Sylvia
A miracle!
July 18, 2020
These circular sandbags are AMAZING. Perfect for our patio umbrella, and we were able to fill them with small stones from our local garden center. Prompt shipping and I'm glad that they are made in the USA. Thank you!
By Sjmk
Cleveland ohio
Great solution!
July 16, 2020
Great way to ballast a mic stand with a camera attached for live streaming. Worked like a charm, so to speak!
Cons Nothing
By Jessica
San Diego, CA
Just what we needed
July 16, 2020
We were looking for weights to hold down a stand up boxing bag. We got 2 circular sandbags and filled them up at the beach. The wrap around the base of the boxing bag and provide the stability we were looking for. They were the perfect option.
Proseasy to fill, easy to attach around a post for stability
By Shelley
Pittsburgh, PA
Perfect for outdoor umbrellas
July 15, 2020
I bought the ones to fill myself and it was super easy. The sandbag is very sturdy and very easy to place around the umbrella stand and clip. The stands are now super sturdy in the wind. I love them!!
ProsSturdy Well constructed Easy to fill Easy to carry Easy to clip around the umbrella stand Fast delivery even during Covid supply chain issues
By Bruce
Sun Valley, ID
Easy to use and work well.
July 6, 2020
These are easy to use. They work well. Our ten foot umbrella needed four bags to stabilize the umbrella from the gusts. Moving 4 25-lbs bags is much easier than moving a 100-lbs base. We would purchase these again.
By Kathy
Mount Horeb WI
Great just what I wanted.
July 5, 2020
It's just what I wanted for extra peace of mind, we are up on hill and it's very windy some days. I just got a new umbrella and I want it to stay in place so the extra weight of sand was cheap and bag looks good. Looks so much better than placing bricks or rocks on stand . Sandbag just blends in and no one notices. I love it
ProsEasy to fill, arrived timely looks great
ConsI have found no cons
By KReid
Bemidji, Minnesota
Definitely a 2 person job to fill this unless you use a large funnel
July 5, 2020
I have to admit I got very frustrated trying to fill this by myself. It is extremely awkward and would go much faster with 2 people or some kind of funnel system. My one piece of feedback is that by putting the handle (which is very sturdy) over the opening where the sand goes made the task of filling the bag so much harder than it needed to be. I truly appreciate the compactness and sturdiness of this item, all the way down to the handle, clip and zipper. I kinda laughed at a zipper with sand...but it zipped right up and is sturdy as heck, no expense spared on the zipper. After finally getting the initial sand in the bottom 2 legs the bag was able to stand up but the handle still made it difficult to continue to fill alone. Sand isn't light and shifts while trying to fill the bag. Once I got it filled and zipped shut the rest was a piece of cake. Drop it down around my awning stand and clip it together. All-in-all I am extremely pleased with the final result of this product AND the fact it is Made in the USA!!
Merchant Response:Thanks for the review K! I am very sorry for you struggles filling these circular bags. Although its too late for you (sorry again) for those reading this review: - Fill 5 zip-lock style sandwich baggies with ~5 lbs of sand each. Poke a small breather hole in the filled bags so air can escape, then place into your circular bag. We are working to include instructions in the box on future orders so others don't have your frustration. Thank you again.
ProsSturdy, solid, excellent materials, compact and effective.
ConsThick handle covers the opening where you have to pour in the sand. Definitely needs a funnel system or 2 people.
By George
Sanatoga, Pennsylvania
July 4, 2020
Very nice! Easy to fill, easy to use. Very reasonable.
ProsBuckle makes it easy to put on. Well made.
By Sue D.
New Jersey
Works great. Just what I needed.
July 3, 2020
Didn't want to have to buy a new, heavier base for my umbrella. This did the trick and was much less expensive than a new base.
By A
July 3, 2020
Our stand alone umbrellas would blow over with the higher winds even with the 30 pound bases. We bought these Circular Sandbags, received them in the mail within 5 days, went to our local hardware store and bought a 50 pound bag of sand for 3 dollars, filled each one up with 25 pounds of the sand. Now they don't budge regardless of the wind. With them being black and the base black you don't even notice them. We are very happy with our purchase.
ProsEasy to use, durable and blend in with the d├ęcor.
By Bob B.
Palos Hills, IL
The Right Weight Option
July 2, 2020
These are the obvious and neat weight options for umbrellas. I have a VERY large umbrella which the manufacturer's sand-filled base was insufficient during even mildly windy days. Adding two of these sandbags solved my problem.
ProsNeat appearance; convenient carrying handles; able to be used on a variety of pole shapes and sizes.
ConsBeing older, I opted to have these delivered pre-filled with sand, at an additional?I think high-priced?cost. A younger, more able-bodied person would find it rather easy to fill the bags themselves to save some money.
By Mmm
Cedar Rapids Iowa
July 1, 2020
Fits like a glove
ProsHeavy duty clamp
By Seamus
Fredericksburg, VA
Does the job
June 30, 2020
I recently purchased 2 circular sandbags to add weight to the base of a patio umbrella. They were delivered quickly, were easy to fill and keep the base steady when the wind kicks up. I particularly like its shape and the clasp that connects the ends of the bag. Along with the handle they make it easy to move the sandbags and base.
By Melissa
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Works Well, Durable Material
June 29, 2020
I was looking to add some extra weight to my patio umbrella/table, due to occasional strong winds, and this does the trick. Thick, durable material, and easy to fill.
By Brian
Huntington Beach, California
Perfect! Heavy, small and stable.
June 26, 2020
This product is awesome. This sandbag will fit almost any umbrella stand because it is a C shape. It is very sturdy with very good quality material, stitching and hardware (zipper and latch). We got two just in case but I think one (25lbs) would have done fine. We live by the beach and it can get very windy. Also, the fact that it can be ordered already filled, is VERY convenient! Highly recommend!!
By Sandra
Works great
June 26, 2020
My umbrella was constantly falling even with a slight breeze. I purchased two of these bags and even with strong winds my umbrella does not move.
By Roy W.
Lenexa, KS
Umbrella stand support
June 17, 2020
Excellent product to add weight to umbrella stand. Very attractive & functional. Handy carrying strap. I ordered them prefilled, so ready to use on receipt. - no hassle filling them.
ProsAll positives - weight, looks, functionality.
By Lynn
Plymouth, MA
Fantastic solution
June 14, 2020
These bags look fabulous! Very well made. I filled quart size freezer bags with sand to avoid sand leakage around zipper. Could not get quite 25 lbs sand when doing this. We have a fair amount of wind ( south coast Massachusetts) and so far, umbrellas holding but if not will certainly get a second bag for each, if needed.
ProsNice appearance. Easy to pick up and move
ConsCouldn't fit 25lbs sand in bag when filling with quart size freezer bags filled with sand
Jackson, NJ
Outstanding Circular Sandbags!
June 13, 2020
I purchased 2 circular sandbags from the Sandbag store for my patio umbrella. Then, at the garden center, I purchased a 50-lb. bag of small river rocks (1/2-cubic foot) and used them to fill quart-size baggies. The baggies of rocks fit perfectly into the sandbags and the 50-lb. bag of rocks was the perfect amount to fill the 2 circular sandbags (25-lbs. in each sandbag). Hopefully, they will stand up to the sun and the rain during the summer months. These are the perfect solution to adding weight to my umbrella so that it stays upright.
Pros2 circular sandbags hold a total of 50-lbs of river rock perfectly. The sandbags are the perfect size to fit over the patio umbrella stand and they stack perfectly so you can add extra bags if needed. They each hold about 25-lbs of filler so they are manageable to lift. The bags can be easily removed from umbrella stand so that the umbrella can be moved around the patio. The strap which is attached to the sandbag makes it convenient to carry the bag. The sandbags appear to be very sturdy and well made. The hardware used for connecting the two ends of the sandbag is very substantial. The sandbags are MADE IN AMERICA! Outstanding product!
By Robert
Southern California
Great product - very well designed and made
June 8, 2020
These were perfect to help stabilize my microphone stands. I could not find anything else on the market that was such a good fit for this purpose. I used pea gravel instead of sand and that worked very well. The material, stitching, and zippers are heavy-duty so this will last a long time through lots of use. Highly recommended.
By Daniel
Circular Sandbags
June 5, 2020
Very effective and sturdy! Looks good and also does a fantastic job in keeping my umbrella stable from the wind! I bought 2 and added sand by myself. Love it.
By E S.
Boise, ID
Highly Sastified with Product
June 3, 2020
Durable construction; easy to fill; fit securely around the pole of the umbrella;. Sandbag was exactly as described online.High quality product. I think I got what I paid for and expected to receive.
ProsAs noted above
By Juan S.
East Meadow, NY
Just what I needed.
June 3, 2020
Our free standing umbrella was losing its battle with the breeze when tilted. These circular sandbags were the perfect solution. Easy to fill and two of them did the trick. They also look good around the base and appear like they will be durable over multiple seasons.
ProsEasy to fill and attach.
By Lesia M.
Jacksonville FL
Love the sandbags...
April 29, 2020
I live in a high rise condo and I use the sandbags for my umbrella base. It gets windy at times on my balcony so I now have piece of mind. I may even purchase 2 more just to make base twice as secure. Thanks. L
By Pattie
Venice, Florida
Umbrella base weight !!
April 16, 2020
This sand bag has worked out very well for my patio umbrella which is not used with a table .
ProsWorking great
ConsPain to fill but worth it
By Liana
Burbank, Ca
Excellent Service
March 10, 2020
Their customer service is exceptional and that is hard to come by these days.
By Steve
Seattle, WA
Excellent Product!
December 22, 2019
Perfect for my needs.
ProsSimple. Rugged.
By Frank
Malibu, CA
Nice Product
November 13, 2019
We use these to add extra weight for our free standing Market Umbrellas and Pole Light set-ups. They have worked very well, it's easy to add bags as needed. It's not surprising these work well for our purposes, it was a surprise that our clients have made several positive comments about them.
ProsEast to use Can add more as needed Feels like they will hold up to the sun and salt air
By Paul
San Francisco, CA
Durable and Effective
November 4, 2019
I purchased 2 of these to weigh down 2 banner flags, we setup and take them down once a week, and the flags survived a San Francisco wind storm! The bags are durable too. I took the advice on the website of filling the bags with sand that is pre-loaded into plastic ziplock bags, that way nothing leaks out next to the zipper closure. Fast shipping as well.
ProsDurable Effective Quality Craftsmanship
ConsMore expensive than some other sites, but the difference is made up for in the quality.
By JoAnn
Oceanside, NY
Circular sand bags
September 5, 2019
The bags are great. They are made of heavy duty material and after I filled them with sand and attached them to the poles of the pergola it's not going anywhere.
By Diana L.
Great product and service
July 29, 2019
I was impressed with the level of service provided. We needed this for a fast approaching event and we were assured it would arrive in time without having to pay high shipping cost. It was shipped the same I ordered and arrived in plenty of time.
Looks great
June 7, 2019
Replacing a bag of rocks. Looks so much better. Seems to work. Only installed a couple of weeks. The opening could be a little bigger but it works.
By Stephanie
Chicago, IL
Worked well on frame of rocking swivel patio chair
May 28, 2019
We needed weights to keep our rooftop patio furniture from blowing around on very windy days. This sandbag worked perfectly on the rocking swivel patio chairs. The black color blended in with the frame and is only noticeable when you look for it. We were very pleased with the product.
By Joyce
Perfect Solution!
May 15, 2019
I live in a high-wind area and my patio umbrella was frequently falling over. It is now staying perfectly in place and the sandbag looks great . . . . not some unattractive bag of sand on top of the umbrella stand. Thanks much for a great solution!
By Joshua J.
Perfect for my Home Theather rear speaker stands
May 9, 2019
First ones arrived and have done a fantastic job! Customer service was also exceptional! So impressed I will be ordering the pre-filled version for a second time to make sure the new english lab puppy (hopefully) won't knock them over :)
By Betty
Saint Louis
Great product
March 1, 2019
These circular sandbags are constructed with solid sturdy material. So glad I put in the time to research and find the best.
By Maxim A.
New York
February 6, 2019
The item came in a timely manner, as described, was filled with sand from Central Park and is now in my church, making sure the hymn stand is stable. It looks appropriate for the type of structure it supports and it is practical. Max
ConsThe handle is short and is parallel to the opening (zipper) so it is good for carrying but a bit more work to fill it with sand. A very minor issue though.
December 14, 2018
By Gary
Circular Sandbag Review
November 29, 2018
Processing and shipment is handled quickly. The bag arrived in the mail within a couple of days after the order was placed. The quality of the bag looks very good. I was little concerned that if I put sand directly into the bag it might leak out the zipper a bit so I put sand in freezer bags and then put the freezer bags in the sandbag. This is not to address a design flaw as I do not think there is one. It more likely addresses my being cautious or a meticulous. I will say it works well this way though.
ProsSolid construction. Fits my light stand perfectly.
ConsI can't think of any cons. Its a simple product that is built well and does what it is supposed to do.
By Jill
Greenville, SC
Works great!
November 29, 2018
I ordered a floor lamp online that has a curved arm so the shade hangs over your reading area. The description said it had a weighted base to balance out the offset shade. Not! It is typical junky Chinese design and construction. The weight in the base isn't nearly enough to balance it so the lamp is extremely unstable. The company wanted $50 shipping to return it plus the hassle of trying to re-box it or I would have sent it right back. The base isn't terribly visible where the lamp is located so your super well made circular sandbag was the perfect solution. It's just about the same diameter as the lamp base. Thanks for a great product!
By Ron
Works great
September 30, 2018
Easy to use. Need your own sand to fill the "donut".
By Louhou1
Great idea!
September 22, 2018
We needed additional weight on our umbrella base but didn't want to fork out the extra bucks for a heavier one. We had resorted to laying a bag of playground sand on one side but that was just ugly. So I googled umbrella base weights and found your company. What an ingenious idea. Thank you for being smarter than the rest of us.
ProsHandy and convenient.
By John
Denver Colorado
Excellent Materials and Construction: Photo/Video Tripod Center Weight
September 20, 2018
Digital cameras have enabled greater photo-video ability. This practice requires larger tripod accessories and steady recording platforms. Adding greater low center of gravity weight produces a firm working base for cinematic camera moves. The Sandbag Store Circular Sandbag is a perfect add-on to the equipment. I did fill the bag with pea gravel rather than sand. There has been no dust leakage. All seams, clasps, and handles are robust and handle the weight and activity well. I am ordering three more units.
By Joe M.
Great product...exactly what I was looking for
September 14, 2018
Well made and works great!

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