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By Greg E.
Top Notch
November 13, 2023
These Apex Tent Weights are great, and so well constructed. I appreciate that they are made in the USA, are so beefy, and easy to fill. The included adjustable straps function very well for weighting down a pop-up canopy. Thank you for making a quality product!
By Kim
40 lbs. bags
October 27, 2023
They were perfect! I used pea gravel and they attached to the tent perfectly..We did have a breeze at our artisan fair and it help perfectly--worth the $$$
By Katie S.
Excellent weights!
April 19, 2023
This is our 2nd purchase of these sets of bags. Love them! We use rocks in ours not sand. Sand is just so messy and if it raining then no messy glob of sand. Plus no sand in the car. Wind can be so crazy at farmers markets and events but I am never stressing my tent when I'm using these! Thank you!
By Kellen
Salem Or
Best Sandbags
April 12, 2023
I have used a few different Brands and this is the second time I've ordered these. They are extremely sturdy and work great for our large company events.
  • Very Sturdy we use gravel in our bags and haven't had a single tear. They are transported often and no leakages.
  • none
By Jamie
Denton, TX
Basically indestructible
January 4, 2023
After my original sandbags (that came with my tent) split open the second time I used them I knew I needed to invest in some more durable bags. My husband found these and so far they seem completely unaffected by anything I throw at them. I've dropped them, used them in extremely high winds and rain, and thrown them in my car recklessly innumerable times. I think it's safe to say they're worth the cost. If I needed any additional sandbags for any reason I would trust The Sandbag Store
  • Very durable!
  • None so far!
By Curtis
Montana and everywhere USA. (Soccer parents)
Fantastic Product
December 1, 2022
These things are great! The handles on them make them easy to pack and handle. These are heavy when full of sand, having the handles allows you to easily pack 2 at a time, or more if you can. We use them to hold down the shade canopy for my daughter's soccer team. I think they actually hold better than stakes in the ground. These can be used on turf where stakes cannot be used. The material quality is the best I have found as compared to similar products. The dual system is also unique to these products. You can Velcro to the legs of the frame and also use the lines to hold the fabric in place utilizing the heavy duty D Rings they have on them. I have not found another weight bag that comes this way.

Merchant Response:Thanks for the review Curtis! The best way to keep dust from seeping through the zipper is just put all your sand into a kitchen trash bag, then put that into the Apex Bag. Really appreciate the review and best of luck to your soccer team!
  • Material quality, handles, dual tie-down system
  • Sand leaks out of zipper's slightly. To remedy this just need to use coarser sand or small gravel.
By Duane
Outstanding !!
December 1, 2022
After using several makeshift weights, these are the real deal. I made a liner from heavy duty plastic bags, filled with pea gravel and closed the liner with duct tape. Not concerns about spillage in case the zipper opened. The full bag was perfectly 40 lbs. The handle is sturdy and allowed for easy carting. Attached to tent leg with a bungee to attach to the canopy. Totally no worries about the tent after installation (and it was quite windy).
  • See above.
  • None.
By Colette
Kane, PA
Good quality product
November 18, 2022
These bags are well designed and are made of good quality material. I have used them for two shows and am very satisfied.
By Terry C.
Round Rock, Texas
I love my canopy sandbags!
November 12, 2022
Heavy duty materials - fabric and velcro. Love having the tie-down straps thoughtfully integrated with the sandbag design. Could not be more satisfied.
  • Ease of use
  • Can easily change weight with more or less sand to accommodate weather conditions
  • Are intuitive to use - no training nor instructions needed with volunteers helping with setup
  • Non
By Sonja B.
Mammoth Lakes CA
Great for Open House Signs
September 18, 2022
As a REALTOR I have been looking for a solution to keep my OPEN HOUSE signs in place. I have tried a few different things before discovering the Apex tent weights. I ordered a color that matches my signs so not only do they work well to keep my signs from blowing away....they look great!
  • Size
  • Color options
  • Price
By Lynn
Portland OR
Worked perfectly
September 2, 2022
A clean look and was easy to assemble with different options for attaching.
By Shelby
Great product; easy to carry and use
September 1, 2022
I bought the Apex tent weights and filled them almost completely with sand. These are fantastic and I love using them. They are a great improvement upon the concrete weights I was using before. I am no longer afraid that I will break a finger or a toe if they are dropped on me. And, they are so easy to attach to the tent. It is nice how they are customizable and can be filled with more or less sand to be the perfect weight for your particular situation.
By Stacey
Columbia, SC
So thankful they actually work!
August 22, 2022
I have bought quite a few sandbags from Amazon and they do not hold up to the weight of the sand they are supposed to contain. I had to constantly replace them. I need a lot of weight in my bags as my tent is placed in a windy area at our weekly markets so being able to actually fill them with sand and not rip is important. These Apex bags are AWESOME. I am so happy that they are super sturdy and I can rest assured that I won’t have to replace them anytime soon. I appreciate the detail that has gone into making them. It feels like someone actually tested them for their intended purpose and made sure they actually do the job they are supposed to. We use them outdoors every weekend and they are durable and we get lots of questions from other vendors about where we got such nice bags. So glad to have found these bags!
  • Sturdy handle, thorough leg wrap
By Stephen S.
Great purchase!
August 8, 2022
Solid bag, heavy duty zippers! I've filled it with rocks and sand, had no problems so far. I would recommend these over what Amazon has to offer.
  • Strong stitches, good zipper, built rugged. Quality canvas as well.
By Spencer
Oahu, HI
Great Product
June 14, 2022
Use these at the beach to hold down a canopy from blowing away. Bags are solidly built and shipped here quickly. No complaints after a few uses. Have a feeling I'll be using these for the next 20+ years.
  • Good build
  • Good price
  • Fast shippping
  • Nothing so far.
By Lainey
Atlanta, GA
Durable, sturdy and can hold the sand like a champ
June 7, 2022
I'm using these bags for weighting down my festival tent. These bags are durable -- the handles and straps stay put - no ripping or tearing so far. The buckle for lengthening the straps is easy to adjust. Velcro is super strong and stays put. I lined my bags with a trash bag and then added sand to be extra sure that my sand doesn't leak out. Overall, great product and GREAT customer service.
  • I would also have liked a side handle sewn on for added grabbing options.
By Michele M.
Amazing for tailgating
January 18, 2022
Bought these to hold down the canopy we use at tailgating they are amazing! So easy to use just wrap the Velcro around the canopy leg sit the bag on the ground good to go!!! Holds canopy down in very high winds !!! Highly recommend !!! Michele from Iowa GO HAWKS!!
  • Easy to use
  • Sand will spill slightly if knocked over in vehicle while transporting them but not very much
By Valerie
Cincinnati, Ohio
High quality!
September 18, 2021
I just recently started doing art shows & the venue required 40 lb weights. I wanted something easy and that would hold up over time. I’ve done two shows with them & they are awesome. So easy. Just attach it to the tent leg and done. Thankfully it came with hurricane straps too! Our most recent show had wind gusts that night of 20 miles per hour. The tent did not blow away. Thank you for making a wonderful product. I looked at other websites and different weights but these are worth the money. I used a garbage bag on the inside to hold my sand. Also the handles make them easy to pick up and move! I also store them inside per instructions to preserve the life of the product. I plan to use these for years to come!! Thanks so much!
  • Handles
  • Strong material
  • Straps to attach for windy day
  • Over all sturdy
  • Work every penny!
  • A bigger pocket for storing the straps. When bags are filled with sand it is hard to get it in the pocket. Maybe move pocket up higher and make it bigger.
By Dennis
Albuquerque, NM
Great Sandbags for Canopies
September 7, 2021
I have been using these bags for years. They are durable and work well for quick setup. We are constantly setting and taking down and setting up again. The Velcro strap is also long lasting. I would recommend the product to anyone.
  • durable, strong fabric & velcro
  • The zipper top lid is the worst part of it. It would be nice if they stay zipped.
By Dtown B.
Yardley, PA
Superb Sandbags
September 3, 2021
I bought these sandbags to reinforce an outdoor gazebo so that it would not blow away when strong winds came through my backyard. I am pleased to say that the sandbags did their job and kept my gazebo in place throughout a series of storms and gale force winds over the past year. Highly recommended.
  • Durable, easy to fill, secures to object easily.
By Darren
Orlando, FL
Best Tent Weight
August 10, 2021
We have a lot of outdoor events for our church. Being in Central FL Thunder storms come up quick with gusty winds. I was using a different bag form a competitor and after a few months the seams were splitting. I figured I give these a shot, so I ordered 8. They work fantastic! Shortly after I got another 14 and just ordered another 22 today. Don't look any further, this is the one!
  • Excellent construction and easy to fill with Playground sand. Attaches easily to canopy legs and the D ring and cinch strap are a great added security.
  • None! I would challenge you find one.
By Kimberly
Great bags
July 9, 2021
I am very happy with these bags. I purchased four and I feel absolutely confident in the stability of my tent at festivals in the middle of storms and winds. They look fantastic too!
  • Sturdy construction
  • Handles for transport
  • Large size allows for full weight limit per leg in a single bag
  • A bit heavy heavy when filled to capacity, but then that is expected!
By Rocky
Quality and USA made. Remember?
July 9, 2021
These are way beyond any of the overseas made flimsy lightweight sacks used to weight the canopy down. These are the real deal....tough, durable quality material and hardware. A real value for a few buck more than offshore throwaways. You will not find a better bag for the money!
By Christopher P.
Las Vegas, Nevada
Don't Want to Go to Kansas?
July 7, 2021
These color coordinated Apex Tent Weights have been working very very well to hold our 10' x 10' sun shade perfectly in place on an upstairs balcony often exposed to gusty west winds.
  • did not come with the filler sand (we actually bought crushed granite to fill)
By Mike
Nashville, TN
Not a good Product! These sand bags are a Great Procuct!!
July 1, 2021
These bags feel Great, Look great! Operate great! and yes they are Strong!! with strong straps and zipper!! You shouldn't have any problem with the strap braking while hauling it around full of sand or the zipper getting jammed or breaking !!
By M
Love these bags!
June 2, 2021
I have been using these this season for the farmers market, in red to match my tent, and really like them. The material and craftsmanship is good quality, especially for the price. It was surprisingly difficult to find bags that would each hold 40lbs of sand so these are really amazing. They're very easy to fill and definitely do their job! I've recommended them to two other family members for their tents too. For things I personally have issues with which may not bother other people: 1) I find that the sand I'm using does tend to leak through the zipper if they tip over in the car, which almost always happens, but it's just a little bit. I may just have some really fine sand; 2) it's a little challenging to use these with the walls of my tent BC the velcro that runs the length of these bags (which is amazing and very secure!) overlaps some of the attachment points for the walls. It's not a deal breaker for me but kinda annoying; Just as an aside, I'm 5'2", and up to this point, I had no idea how much 40lbs actually weighs when in such a small space. The handle is super strong, and by necessity on the top of the bag, but it's really hard for me personally to lift and move these when they're full in that configuration. If, like me, you must have 40lbs on each leg of your tent, and you're a smaller person or can't lift so much, I might suggest trying to use two 20lb bags per leg instead.

Merchant Response:Thanks for the great review M! What wonderful feedback. Your suggestions have been heard. 1. We have been working on a smaller size option and hope to offer it soon. 2. For tents with walls, some customers use the included straps to secure from the top corners, then bungie the bottom of the bag to the foot. 3. Fine Sand - try dumping your sand into a kitchen trash bag to act as a liner to the sandbag. The fine plastic will contain the dust while the Apex Sandbag will support and protect the inner bag.
  • Quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Strong handle
  • Lots of colours
  • Easy to fill
  • Larger than other bags of its type
  • Single long velcro is wide and incredibly strong
  • Heavy, duh
  • Zipper leaks a little
  • Handle bites into hands
  • Falls over in moving car
  • Single long velcro makes use with tent walls a challenge
By Shanda
Dallas, TX
Great sturdy sandbags
February 12, 2021
Love the bag and wish I would have purchased sooner. Easy to assemble.
  • Love the quality of the sandbags and keeps our tent in place during a windy day.
By Mark
New Jersey
Must have for the beach
February 3, 2021
We purchased two of these last year for our trip to Pebble Beach, Emerald Isle North Carolina. I used them to secure our beach umbrellas although the weather the mostly calm and sunny. We had a two hour period were it rained and the wind really picked up and everyone else’s umbrellas and canopies were blowing across the beach, ours didn’t even move!! After the brief storm we had dozens of people come over and check out what was holding our umbrellas down! Great product really well built!.
  • Sold material easy to use.
  • None yet.
By Allen L.
Northampton, PA.
Tent weights
February 2, 2021
I purchased four for my tent and filled then with sand. Very well constructed with many colors to choose from. i picked orange for visibility. Used scented trash bags inside to help protect against possible leaks but I think that was overkill on my part as these bags are extremely well built and durable. If I ever need new, (or maybe a different color) I will buy these again. Highly recommend to anyone looking for tent weights and have given the companies information to other vendors looking for weights for their tents.
  • Assorted colors with high visibility for safety. Well constructed and durable. Built in handles for easy transport. Reasonably priced.
  • Nothing I have run across yet
By Michael W.
Yemassee, SC
Completely Satisfied!
February 2, 2021
The overall experience of purchasing, and using these tent weights is wonderful. 40 pounds of sand fits perfectly inside. I have used these tent weights for 3 events and can already tell that they are durable and meant to last. The zipper and straps are heavy duty. I initially thought they were slightly expensive, but after using them multiple times, and witnessing the ruggedness of these tent weights, I have no doubt that I made the right choice, and well worth the money. I am extremely happy with this company and tent weights.
  • Heavy Duty zipper, materials, and straps
  • Material is breathable and allows water to drain from wet sand
  • none
By Rita
Madison, Wis.
Just what we needed
February 1, 2021
Wisconsin Racing (UW-Madison’s a formula SAE team) used these to anchor down their canopies during the 2019 Formula SAE competition, held on a windy tarmac at the Lincoln, NE Airpark. Instead of sand, we filled them with bags of water softener salt, making it easier to empty and store them for the 2020 competition (unfortunately cancelled due to Covid). These bags did a great job! In 2018 we had to station humans to hang on to the canopies during stormy weather, which prompted us to find something better for 2019. So happy to have found your product & hoping we get to use them again this summer.
  • Easy to fill, easy to attach to the canopy poles. We were even able to wrap it around both the canopy keg and a tall tailgate-style flagpole. Loved the carrying handles.
  • None
By Mike
Charlotte, NC
Great product
February 1, 2021
I purchased my bags to use to hold down my tent while camping. They work extremely well and I would recommend them to any one. Great product .
By Jim
Aspen, co
Tent weights
December 28, 2020
Well made, and a good size for what they are designed for.
By JerryO
Hold the heater
November 28, 2020
Bought bags to secure our patio heater from blowing over on windy days. Haven’t filled w/ sand yet, but they are well made and seem to be a good choice.
  • Well designed and durable.
By Doug- R.
Gulfport, Ms
Very nice
November 5, 2020
Very nice. A bit overpriced in my opinion... but I like that they have a zip top, a carry handle as well as a clip to secure a rope from the bag to the tent corner. Time will tell how they hold up but they seem to be well made. Until I got these I was using buckets of concrete which don't look very good and they are awkward to move around. These bags look good as they match my tent frame and they are easy to transport.
  • Look good, easy to transport, has a carry handle and a d ring to secure a rope from the bag to the roof corner
  • Slightly overpriced but like anything else, I'd rather pay a bit more and get a lot more than pay a bit less and get a lot less.
By Vicki
Buford, Georgia
Awesome product- awesome company!
November 4, 2020
These sandbags are the BEST way I found to hold a tent in place! They look awesome and do the job SO well! The speedy shipment was awesome- so was their customer service. I was so happy to find a cool product- made in the USA- by a veteran owned company! Support USA made products! Our veterans are amazing- support them every chance you get!!
  • Weight of your choice up to 40 lbs- Looks great- Nice color choices- Nice fabric- Stability- WAY easier than using water in a barrel- Easy to carry- Stays in place- Awesome sandbags!
By Patty
Conimicut RI
Did men design this??
September 26, 2020
High quality tent sandbag but lacks 2 upgrades that should not be missing for that exceedingly high price. When bag is filled it is impossible to get into the pocket to store the needs to be puckered out to allow access. Also the velcro strip for closing the bag around the tent pole is so friggin hard to get open. Please put some pull loops along the edge for ease of pulling open.

Merchant Response:Hi Patti! Thanks for the review and design change suggestions. This is the first time we have heard of the pockets being too tight, however we can see how that is possible and will try to modify the design to allow more room in that pocket. The Velcro is very sturdy and can be tough to open. Its kind of a trade-off between strength of closure and difficulty of opening.
  • as above
By John
suburban Philadelphia
the best sandbag for keeping your canopy secured
September 2, 2020
I bought sandbags from a different manufacturer to secure my canopy from blowing away during breezy days. What a mistake. They felt like they would not last long and did not include the ties down straps. I quickly returned them. The sandbags I ordered from the sandbagstore are everything I hoped for. They are simply awesome, built to last. I use the tie down straps all of the time. No more worries about windy days.
By Winn
Las Vegas
Quality Product
September 1, 2020
These bags are made for tent poles or portable awnings, etc., but I'm using them a different way. I have a large covered patio with large pull-down sunshades. I needed something that looked good and was extremely functional to anchor the shades down in the wind. These sandbags fit the bill perfectly. They hold 40lbs of sand, have a nice carry handle, and a strong D ring which I'm using to anchor my sunshades to. They have a small footprint, are extremely versatile, and very well made.
By Steve P.
Albuquerque NM
August 14, 2020
I really like the quality and features on these sandbags. We do concert production so it's very important to have our EZUP stay in place. AAAA*
By Gail H.
Greenville, SC
Apex Tent Weights
July 14, 2020
Apex Tent Weights Excellent product, great material and well made. Would purchase again with no hesitation! Fast order shipping too!
By Dwight H.
Easley, SC
Awesome For The BEACH!!!
July 13, 2020
Bought these for my canopies we use at the beach. Filled them with beach sand and set up was a breeze. In the afternoon of day one of our vacation, a storm blew up quick while on the beach. The wind was very strong and blew half the canopies over that were set up around us. My canopy did not move an itch and we weathered the storm fine; our canopy is still in great shape for continued use because it did not get blown over. Thanks for this great product. Absolutely worth every penny.
  • - Sturdy construction; well made.
  • - Great design with the carry handle and the D-ring for the adjustable tie down strap.
  • - Easy setup.
  • - Performs as advertised.
  • - Lots of colors to choose from. I got the orange and they are easy to see when installed.
  • -One of the best products I have ever purchased for use at the beach.
  • NONE.
Marinette WI
Can't Blow the Man Down!
July 12, 2020
Bought these bags for our 10x10 shade canopy which is positioned on our concrete patio, and let me tell you they are worth every penny paid! Since installed, we have had high wind thunder storms which blew over our shade umbrella, knocked over plants and took down a couple of tree limbs...but the canopy didn't move an inch!!! After receipt we had a question. When I called all employees but one had left for the day. The employee took my information and guaranteed a call back upon opening the next day. True to his word the next morning a customer service rep provided support as promised. Efficient, courteous customer service. This is a company that has solid business values from the point of order entry, to delivery and beyond. Highly recommended this company and its products.
  • Material is very high quality.
  • Zippers, straps and Velcro are strong.
  • Bag size doesn't comprehend walking space.
  • NONE :)
By brad
Killing the game
July 8, 2020
This is definitely a great solution for holding your easy up down pretty much anywhere you go. I used it mostly for going to the racetrack and stunt spots.
  • Works as advertised 100%
  • No cons exist
By JuJu S.
Ankeny, Ia
Excellent Quality
June 29, 2020
I've been impressed with the quality. Love the carrying handle and color choices. I've only used these once at a Graduation Party I was Dj-ing at but they were great. I took away one star only because the piece that you wrap around the leg of your canopy to attach the sandbag to, I feel, should be able to accommodate a thicker canopy leg. It still worked but the velcro attached only about 3/4 of the way around. Granted, the canopy I own is of a nicer quality and has thicker legs but I feel that as-is the sandbags would work perfectly with skinny(ier) canopy legs and if this piece was simply made larger it would accommodate a wider variety of canopy legs, making it ideal.

Merchant Response:Thanks for the great review JuJu. Wonderful news: we do offer a velcro extentions for larger canopy legs! Even better news: they are free! We are sending you four right away. We realize we do a terrible job explaining this on our website and are working to fix that as soon as possible. For anyone reading this review that might need them, simply write "REQUEST VELCRO EXTENTIONS" in the comments of your order and we will include them for you completely free.
  • quality
  • color choices
  • carrying handle
  • velcro piece that attaches to the leg of the canopy needs to accommodate thicker canopy legs so that it can be used with a greater variety of canopy styles.
By Lydia
Kingston, New York
Love these bags!
June 12, 2020
It's clear to me that these bags are great quality. I've used them with bricks and with sand; I put them into contractor garbage bags first. They've stood up to heavy rains and they dry quickly. The additional straps are also genius. I highly recommend these bags.
  • Well made
  • Reasonably priced
  • Versatile
By Kelly
October 23, 2019
We have a 10x10 tent used for company events. These are are perfect for holding the tent steady. The velcro is very heavy duty, the material is strong and the added tie down straps makes the tent extra secure. Very well made product!
By Troy
They work great!
September 5, 2019
I used four of these sandbags 90? apart on our trampoline to prevent it from blowing away during storms. I read in another review that someone used contractor bags inside the sandbag to fill up with sand. I did this and it worked great!
  • Made in the U.S.A.! Heavy duty!
  • None
By Lisa B.
Chicago, IL
Love these sand bags!
August 15, 2019
These sand bags are great! We put plastic bags in the canvas bags then filled with sand. They are well made and easy to use. So glad I made the investment.
By Jim
New Jersey
Top Quality
August 10, 2019
These sandbags are incredibly well built by american workers. they are top notch in design and workmanship.
  • pole attachment sleeve. built tough
  • comes with tie down straps for hanging bag
  • none yet

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